What, when, how and why?

Most people think they know what they want in and out of life. Most of them even think they know why? They just don’t know how to get it or when it will arrive. The main reason most don’t get out of life what they want is they focus on how and when. You focus on how to the point of procrastination and frustration that all you can think about is, “that IT is not in your life. So you focus on your current situation more than the dream. But, first lets address the what and why? When you can honestly write down and have pin point focus on what you really want out of life, then you are on your way. However, without the intention or why, the what does not matter. You got to have a purpose for all the other three to follow. Without the why or purpose, there is only motivation not inspiration.

Two times in my life I lost a lot of money and my career floundered. Both times, the money and career came back stronger than ever. Looking back, both times for the same reason things took a nose dive. I lost my purpose, my why. And when I did, the how’s or whens were no where to be found. In truth, the thing I learned the most was, it does not matter how or when if you don’t have that purpose. I also learned, that if you focus too much on the how and when to get something, you forget the what and why you are doing it for. Apple Computers is a great example of this.  When Steve Jobs got ousted the company took a nose dive. When he returned so did the company. Why? That’s why! The company lost the vision the purpose of their mission. They focused on the how and when, not keeping the why in focus. Why Steve brought purpose back, so came the money.

Ask yourself this question, “Why do I getting up in the morning and what am I getting up for?”

Focus on your what and why, and the rest of your life takes care of itself!