“I have a book I want to get published can you help me? I’m going to go to some workshops on how to write a book soon!” Ok, let me see your work? I smiled. “Well, I only have one chapter finished. “I would like to build a house!” I replied. “It’s in my head, with no plans on paper! It’s a great house design, I know it!” Now, how does that sound to you, build a house with no plans? How many contractors do you think I would get without a floor plan?” I probed again.  “So, let me get my head around this. You’re going to spend a few thousands of dollars at workshops to find a publisher for a story thats not even on paper yet?” I asked. You’re going to make all these contacts to put in your phone data base, if and when you get your story on paper?” I stated kindly!

We all have a story to tell. And deep inside we all have that innate desire to want to be heard. yet, why do we not? Fear of failure, embarrassment, no one will listen etc.. So what do we do, we hide behind the logic, the formatting, the grammar gods if you will. So I ask you this one question, “What would you do, if you knew a life depended upon you writing and telling your story?” Well I would just write and tell it!” She replied. “Well, how do you know if that’s not true, a life depends on it, that is?” I poked some more. You see, we don’t just do in life, we think; too much. We hide behind all the fears all the logic and reason. We go to workshop after workshop, degree after degree thinking will if I get enough knowledge before hand then my short hand will be successful!” Nope! Write the darn thing, tell the darn thing ,like a life, your life depends on it. Mountains are moved with stories of authenticity and vulnerability not commas a question marks! Write the darn thing, tell the darn thing and your path will be revealed to you in ways you cannot imagine. The right people will be connected to you if you just write.

“When I cannot read my stuff it’s all good stuff!” In other words, I write so fast through inspiration that the words as first read look like squashed mashed potatoes. However, it is there, between the pen and words, life shows up! You want to write a book, spend your time telling it and putting pen to paper. The publishers will appear when it’s the right timing!