04 Apr 2013
April 4, 2013

Weight Loss Magic Number 1

Motivation, the most elusive word in exercise. We are always looking for it, chasing after it, and losing it sometime after we get it. Having said that, how do we keep it more so than finding it? Each individual has their own way of motivating themselves but there are a few core universal techniques anyone can use to keep the faith going.

Just One

When I first started on an exercise regiment I quit frankly was more motivated to see my peers than the workout itself. Over time at attitude vanished and it was more for me than them, but there was one mindset that has continued me down a healthy path of three decades. I realized early on that my long-term thinking and motivation was not a nature thing for me, however, I could motivate myself for a day at least. Each morning I got up and thought, “Just for today, just one twenty-four hour period.” If I could get through today I will be concerned with tomorrow, tomorrow. Now some thirty years later I still have that attitude and am going strong even today.

No Going Back

I am not sure at what point in my career it was, but I became motivated not to go back to the person I once was. Good motivation, maybe not, but combined with a one day at a time attitude, I’m still ticking. Try the one day attitude for weight loss and you may find you look back and the speed bumps will not be so bad.