30 Oct 2014
October 30, 2014

Weight Loss and Your Approach

Many men and women want to get in better shape, but they mostly want quick fix programs that are usually packaged in fancy wrapping paper, filled with recipes, calorie-counting books and exercise DVDs. With all these programs out there they question still remains,  “WHY TODAY ARE YOU in the shape you are IN and america ON THE VERGE OF an obesity crisis?”  With diabetes, obesity, heart disease now at such a level, the issues lie much deeper than just numbers, recipes, fitness clubs or medicine.  Americans have a serious DENIAL AND COVER UP issue that must be address NOW and not be avoided any longer.

Thirty years and around 120,000 paid hours of personal training sessions has taught me a lot about people, their mindsets and habits. In my own life, an introverted over weight kid turned professional bodybuilder in my early twenties personally taught me the same thing; long term weight loss, confidence building, peace of the heart, empowerment will only achieved from CHANGING FROM THE INSIDE OUT! This is not a numbers issues with America’s, YOUR weight issue, this is a head game.

Changing from the INSIDE OUT is a concept and practice, a day-to-day mindset.  If you are the type who looks for that magic formula or a perfect weight loss and exercise program you may have a challenge reading this. I am no psychologist but I do understand one thing; if you really want to change your thinking toward weight loss remember this,

No more excuses!  Get a physical, become AWARE of your present condition, and ACCEPT it for what it is. Determine deep down what will ACCELERATE and motivate you long term. Ask for ASSISTANCE, this is life or death now. Find a system that with your personality trait assists you managing your APPETITE.   And lastly, get off your butt and add some ACTIVITY in your life.

Taking the INSIDE OUT approach sustains motivation, changes attitudes toward exercise, develops a good support system, shows you how to eat smarter, and exercise more effectively.