Being successful as a fitness trainer has just as many meanings as there are trainers. But, one thing is in common with ninety percent of the personal trainers out there, you are broke. Emotionally, physically and financial, all three or at least one of them. When I ask trainers how is business, they answer, “Good, I’m busy.” Translation, tired, burned out, controlled and joyless. If you answer YES to any one of the following you are broke and don’t real it.

Is your business controlling you?

If you break your arm there is NO income coming in?

Do you constantly have to spend money on marketing for new clients?

Does the economy control your income?

Are you working out of a gym?

The average personal trainer makes $38,000 a year. Yikes! Making $100,000 year in and year out is not rocket science. However, it does take faith, discipline and out of the box thinking.