28 Mar 2013
March 28, 2013

The Power Switch Behind Losing Weight

All the fretting is in the lead up to flipping the decision switch. Flip it and the burden disappears. Ever experience this? So why is it so hard to just make a decision, be done with it and move on when it comes to a weight loss and exercise plan? In most cases it’s fear of failure, and some of success. To get over this hurdle lets address the goals before the decision-making.

Fear of Failure- Goals Change

We do not set goes in fear we will never achieve them, mostly based on our past efforts. Goals are great markers, motivators and measuring sticks, but they are not set in stone. This is no permission slip, but reality and life styles determine a portion of our goal setting decisions but not even close to half. Goals can be a little flexible.

Decisions Do Not

If you know ahead of time that while your decision to start an exercise program is not based on pass or fail in achieving your goals, you will be more apt to make a quality discussion. This should not diminish the importance of the decision however because that will not change, no going back.

Be Flexible and Firm

Do not allow the process prevent you from progressing. Pushing the power switch more easily by being a little flexible with your goals. Goals can change, but deciding on your life by getting healthier is not an option. You hold in your hands the power by simply flipping on a light that will brighten your entire life.