31 Oct 2014
October 31, 2014

The Power Behind Journaling

Something magical happens when pen and paper meet. Why then is it one the hardest exercises for people to do? Counselors, personal trainers, dieticians, CPA’s all require it at times, but we just cannot welcome the idea on our own. If you do it once in a while or everyday, there are just some things in life unexplainable, and the power behind the pen is one of them.

Maybe seeing is believing? We seem to take things a little more serious when we see it in writing. Taking that a step further, if we assign value and believe it, that invites the magic into our lives. So what is the harm in writing things down if you know that it will help achieve your goals or tasks? Yes, it requires accountability when you connect pen to paper, but you do not have to act like you are being punished for doing something wrong. Nothing is set in stone, unless the pen is on a marriage license or other legal documents.

I became a professional athlete, not because of my strength, but my power behind the pen and my awareness of the importance of preparation through mental exercising. Next time you set a goal, make it happen through words on paper.