A few weeks ago, a man approached me in a coffee shop. He had over heard a conversation I had with a radio show producer and gave me his email to contact him. So the next day I did. I never heard back from him and quite frankly, forgot about him.

Sitting in the same coffee house today I got the nudge. My nudges are never ever wrong, I learned years ago. GOD gave me a pin point accuracy gift of discernment and prophesy, and if I felt the nudge, so to speak, act then question. And, not once has my nudges turned out wrong. GOD showed and shows up each and every time. There was a man in the corner sitting quietly reading. I approached him very sheepishly, careful not to startle and of fear of not looking creepy. As he looked up I extended my hand and a smile. In return as if giving permission for me to continue he did the same.

“Your nudge is correct!” I whispered. “Excuse me?” He replied. “Your nudge, you know, that feeling like a fist hitting you in the belly button telling you to do it, it’s correct! It’s the right thing to do. With a tear in his I and a now warm smile he says! “OK!” Knowing exactly what my part of GOD’s plan is with nudges, I smiled and went back to the other side of the coffee house out of sight. One hour later, this time he found me. May I sit down? He asks. Sure! I came out here to Colorado a few weeks ago, kind of on a whisper from GOD. GOD had put it on my heart to start a church plant here in Denver. And ever since I got here, things have not gone to plan or just didn’t feel comfortable, until this morning. Today, some doors where cracked up, not wide, but open just enough for a little hope to squeeze in and then you show up. This morning I had asked GOD to give me a sign, a nudge, as you would say, to confirm my calling and strengthen my Faith. Then you show up! Thanks he says. From the bottom of my heart as he arose to leave. As he reached out his hand I reached into my man purse and gave him my book, “When GOD Shows Up in the Most Unlikely of Places!” There are no coincidences! I smiled!

Mark my words,your nudges are never wrong. They are never inaccurate for your path, no one else’s. GOD’s nudges are steps along a path that will lead you into a life you can or would never dream of. So the next time that gut feeling you get way deep down, act upon it. Leap in Faith, GOD dares you!

The Messenger