I know, same ole post! Right? What’s worse, same post or your same ole same ole life? Ouch! Yep! Treadmill, rat wheel, it’s all the same thing, just different day! TGIF or yucks it’s a Monday! Either way, you got one shot at life. The biggest mistake is you think you have time. Bahhhhhh! Really?

I have been on both sides of the thinking pattern; or I should say, the “Expectations,” pattern. I have been rich with material things, I have lived in my car homeless so to speak for months. Both spectrums all due to my expectations of life at the time. You go through the same old routine, day after day, week after week, and in some delusional way, you think your life is going to change! How’s that working for ya? My advice, get rid of the TGIF mentality! You want change, then decide to focus on what you have verses not have? You want a different life, then look in the mirror and expect good not bad in your life. You want change, be appreciative for what you have verses have nots. You want change, then stop immediately pointing your darn figure and your boss, family, government, job etc…. Look in the mirror and decide, “It’s on you!” You know what your biggest regret is going to be? What you did not do, not what you did. For some reason you think this week coming up is a given. Really? Let me tell ya, faster than twenty horses running around a track, life can change. And in many cases it doesn’t come up roses on the other side, nor do you see yourself in the winners circle.

You want change, then don’t make the careless mistake of thinking you have time!

The Messenger