No Longer A Slave To Fear!

Fear! The number one used word in the bible! Why? The most used tool of the enemy, that’s why! Fear, the opposite of Trust! Fear the opposing force of Faith. Somewhere along our path, we have lost the faith of a child. Life, circumstances, time, all taints our beliefs, only to in the end realize they where all illusions in our minds.

Recently, my elderly parents have adopted a Boston Terrier new born. To say he has a reckless abandonment view of the world is an understatement. While awake, only one speed and direction he believes. No fear runs through his veins, only wonderment! We all were once such as he. We all had that bewilderment running through us, but lost it somewhere, drowned out by some sort of fear. What’s interesting to see is, my parents, in their eighties have accepted him just the way he is. He is their child so to speak.

As a child of GOD, which you are, Fear cannot exist. Fear cannot breathe when we trust in GODs protection over our lives. So heres a question, “How would you live your life if you knew that you could never get life wrong? How would you think and do, knowing that every decision every step you took for YOUR path was not a wrong one, and every step built a foundation for the next? Would you live in Fear? You are a child of the most high GOD. You are not a slave to Fear. You are born to create and expand your heart, not regurgitate the past.

You are a Child of GOD, no longer a slave to Fear!

The Messenger