Suffering to Success! The life of JOB! But do you really know what happened to JOB after the trials and tribulations? Do you know that JOBS suffering was all in a ten month stretch of time? Do you know the blessings GOD bestowed on JOB after the fact? No! Why? Because we don’t talk or dwell on JOBS abundance, just his suffering. Never understood such, myself! Well, maybe I guess its because we are so use to dwelling on our problems verses a solution. Maybe, most think it’s easier to see what is, rather than have faith in what is to come.

JOB, the man of Vision and Faith. You know what got JOB through all the valley’s? It was the ability to see, not what is, but his fortitude for seeing what is on the other side. He was content on what he was going through and eager for more down the road. Job, in all his suffering as we know it, was blessed hundreds of fold by GOD, why? Because he dwelled on the positive, the appreciative things in life. You want to get out of your mess, focus on the good things. You want to rid yourself and life of all the drama and discontentment, then be content with what you do have. You want to get past all your challenges currently, then dwell not on that of which you do not have, but that in which GOD promised you! He has never broken a promise to JOB or you. It’s your call if you decide to allow Him to turn your life from dead vines to green pastures!

The Messenger