Graduation weekend, and not a clue! The amazing world of the graduate today should alarm you, but I bet it doesn’t! Clueless….This is the majority of those getting their diploma this weekend. And here’s why? Most grads would fail this test if given today. Would you? It’s a very simple yes or no test!

  1. Do you know what your purpose (WHY) is?
  2. Do you know the definition of such words like: respect, accountability, budget, loyalty?
  3. Do you know how to set up a simple bank account?
  4. Can you write a cover letter without grammar errors or a sentence over one hundred and forty characters?
  5. Can you go at least a day without social media?
  6. Can you say when was the last time you ate at your dinner table with your family?
  7. Can you recite the Ten Commandments?
  8. What is a credit rating?
  9. What is the constitution of the United States and who wrote it?
  10. What is you ultimate dream career in life?

Heck, most adults would fail this test! Truthfully, this should scare the living daylights out of you. But, just deny and lie about it, most think then it will just go away! Really? Seriously, go give your child this quiz in hopes that the amazingly lost world of kids today will once again be found!

The Mentor