17 May 2017
May 17, 2017

The Mentor ~ The Art of Being Inspired!

There’s a huge difference between being truly inspired and just motivated. Most don’t know that difference, nor understand the huge leverage on their lives one has from the other. Motivation, the more popular word, inspiration,  mostly reserved for the self help gurus!  Motivation, a short term bump at best, Inspiration, long term movement even at rest. Being inspired to do anything, requires one thing, clarity. Inspiration comes directly from the soul, it requires it! The soul, knows no right or wrong, just true North. It knows no fear, just faith in that True North. It only knows the shortest distance between two points. Motivation on the other hand, has to go through the hearts and minds of the person. And within that path is confusion at best.

Inspiration is born through a rested mind, and peaceful soul. Inspiration comes from soulful nudges. It leaps without logic or reason. It’s always right and never wrong for the path it is sent to guide. Clarity in ones life, comes from being content with what one has, but not complacent. Being truly inspired, begs clarity while being simply motivated to do something, brings confusion. Want to be inspired, try giving yourself a breath once in a while, by listening more to your path already around you. You will be surprised how many solutions are found in silence.

The Mentor