That in which we focus upon, only gets bigger! In other words, we get what we expect. The question is, ‘What are you dwelling on?” Are you focusing on what you do not have in life, or what you have? Are you appreciative for the little or resentful for the lot? Years ago, I focused so much on my past mistakes and present circumstances that I spiraled down in my career. I focused so much on what I thought I deserved and what I did not have in my life at the time that I ended up getting the very things I feared! Until….. until I made Peace with my current situation by being appreciative for even the little I had. I had a lot, but didn’t see it for the blinded pride, envy, resentment that filled my heart.

The very day I decided to feel good even though I could not see the very things I desired, Peace filled my soul. And furthermore, guess what. The next day, my life changed forever. And everyday since that mental turning point, my life has grown spiritually, physically and financially in ways I never would have imagined. So now, when I want something even though I don’t have it, I feel ok with it, and know in my heart that I will have it, because of it!

Make Peace with your day and be eager for more!

The Mentor