Perception is ones reality! For as many there are in the world, there are as many viewpoints. However, there is only on focal point that matters. No matter your current circumstances or past experiences if you want to change your life instantaneously, its all a matter of focus. Have you ever met someone who just seemed to have it all together? Everything they touch, seemed to turn to gold and manifest? And then you wonder, how in the world to they seem to go through life calm, cool and collective. There is one common mental exercise every one of those people you meet do. They focus on NOT what is happening in their life, but what is to become. They concentrate on their vision on their lives rather than what they do not have. For reason, many will tell you, they make Peace with their current situation, but start each new day eager for more out of life.

You want to change your life and do it fast. Start right now, not focusing on what you do not have, but rather what would it feel like to have what you always wanted out of life. A number of years ago, I lost almost everything I work for decades to get, material and financially speaking. How? I focused so much on what bad decisions I made, and what I did not have in life. Guess what? I got exactly what I was focusing on. Then one day I decided to be appreciative for the little things I had, and not focus on what I did not have, but to concentrate on my vision and how that would feel having such. Within fourteen hours of doing so, my life changed forever and has not stop changing for the good every since.

Nothing will change in your life, unless something changes. And that something is what you focus on! Change your focus, change your life!

The Mentor