Real Money! You mean verses fake money? No! In many cases you will hear the rich refer to a term regarding financial cash flow as “Real” Money! Real money is money that works for you, like compound interest. Another term is “Passive” income. Most people live in a world that mainly consist of “Actual” income. This is income traded for time, skill and or knowledge. Actual income comes mainly from a JOB or service rendered on one-time bases, not paid over and over again such as Passive or Real money does.

Ever wonders why the rich work much less than everyone else? Criticize, be envious or even jealous all you like, but the rich have learned how to leverage their time to create a momentum of cash, or real money. Here is what most poor and middle class believe, that real money only comes from one big pot and someone else has to suffer in order for the other to gain wealth. This is as far from the truth as you can get. You see, the rich have no inside information, no magic formula. Acquiring real money starts as a mental attitude. Creating a lifestyle you always wanted is and attitude, not a skill. Creating wealth is about resources and every single person has a brain.

You want a lifestyle, then educate yourself on what “REAL” money is and find you vehicle or way to get it. It’s easier than you can imagine. Here is the vehicle or way we are able to do all the things we ever wanted to do by creating REAL money!