Statistically, a health club under 10,000 square feet makes more money per foot than those over 10,000. Bigger is better? For most gym owners, yes! But, it’s not more profitable. Ego, makes one broke every time.

Before I work as an consultant with a health facility I ask one question that will determine me taking their money. Mr. Gym owner, “what’s more important to you, more members or more money per foot?” You see, most gym owners spend ninety percent of their marketing budget on getting NEW members, not keeping the ones they have. It’s all roses the first two years on hype, but then reality hits and they are broke because they shot their financial wad on membership verses profit by taking care of the ones they have. Hey, that would take a little more hands on emotionally intelligence would that not? To much work for the average owner to invest in!

I made over $50,000 profit per square foot year after year. I profited more in a facility under 5000 square feet than most at 100,000 sq. feet. Most have little man syndrome and thats why they are broke on their profit and loss statement. This is why the general rule for most health club chains build three facilities and one bank rolls the other two. Really? Sad!

You want bigger, by all means. Anyone can go into millions in debt and file within five years. Not many chose to stay small and take care of the true interest of the member! You want profit, customer retention through customer services and nutrition. Once a Dumbbell, always a dumbbell!

The Mentor

Here’s how to add 100k to your profit center without adding one staff member! Remember, EGO makes one Broke!