Well if it’s hard or complicated it must be the right thing to do! Where did you get that type of thinking? As a Health Coach as well as Wealth, I have noticed this over the last three decades; people think that if losing weight or building wealth is not complicated then it will not work. My first weight loss book was only 100 pages. My publisher said it’s too short, people will not buy it because it seems to easy. Write a book over two hundred pages even if you repeat yourself and hard cover it. Really? Yes, people will take it more serious if it looks complicated.

Building wealth or losing weight, their both the same, it’s not complicated. Discipline? Yes! Complex? No! But, you make it to be. My first million as a health coach was made very simple. I found a mentor who was making the money I wanted to make. I copied or modeled their behaviors in business over and over. I did not reinvent the wheel, just put my touch of an already proven business formula! Weight loss is the same. I became a professional bodybuilder by the time I was 22 years of age. Found a coach, modeled him and rest was history! All these different diet plans are a total waste of money. Use duck tape, that’s the simplest, most affective weight loss plan there is.

Thriving on Chaos

The truth is, if you don’t have drama or complication in your life, you feel bored. Same with building wealth. You think you have or need to do it YOUR way! How’s that working out for you? Broke as two wooden nickels! If life is simple, you cannot handle the silence, so you create a much more challenging path. Why? Think about this. How crazy, yes! Life is not as challenging as you make it. You want success in any area of your life, drop your pride, find a mentor, model their behavior and repeat. It’s that simple!

The Mentor