Selfie this, selfie that! Good Lord, really? A selfie a day, does not keep the psychiatrist away! To be “liked,” or not to be liked? Many if asked and truth be known, count or at least monitor their likes on social media. Again, good lord, really? It’s like, their entire world is built around a like button. Sorry, to burst your ego bubble, but, self worth is not determine by your followers, likes or opinions of others. And if you base your moods on them, then I suggest a quick trip to the quack!

Self worth can not given, nor on the contrary, taken away from you. Self worth comes from the soul, not the heart or head. Self worth, comes from inside you, not a button, opinion or daily self portrait post, in hopes of a response from your groupies on Facebook. If your self worth is determined by the majority of those that you have never even met, then I suggest you self examine the two faces you look at in the mirror daily. Self worth, has no right to be determine by another, but a click of a button, and you forfeit that right for as long as you do it!

The Mentor