12 Jul 2013
July 12, 2013

The Magic to Weight Loss and Life

Life, relationships, fitness, weight loss, each require many and different things. Accomplishing them demands five, each of varied importance.

Hope – The Engine

Hope is the engine that runs it all. The cornerstone to motivation, dedication and determination. Without it, you do soulfully perish.

Vision – The Mental Push

Vision is the mental push we need daily. It is always required to move forward. Dream more, have more. If you can truly see it, you will experience it.

Goal – The Focal Point

Goals focus that directs. We all need and like a plan of action, it gives us purpose. Set one, get one!

Truth – The Foundation

Truth creates a foundation to build upon. Accept reality first, deal with circumstances right then and there when it happens and learn from it all.

Belief – The Key

Belief is the key to achieving it all. Don’t say it, live it. Act as if it as already been acquired.

Each one builds upon the other. Everyday reset, re evaluate and rely on your gut!