No Guts, No Glory! It’s that simple! Clean the pipes and the mess gets cleaned up!

Many think my attitude toward medicine is harsh, especially if I need a doctor myself. Let me make this crystal clear! I am not against EMERGENCY medicine. There is a time, place and need for it. However, the customer base long term (sick) care system, I despise. One of many reasons is, I was personally affected by the out of control prescription drug addiction society by an addict holding a loaded, cocked pistol at my head demanding resources for their addiction a few years ago. Second, I was put on adderall and other medications with no explanation, when years later I rid all with natural nutrition, specifically focusing on absorption of food. Now there’s a novel idea! Why am I so fired up about this subject? It’s personal! And I see the side affects, of over prescribing each in everyday in my profession, elderly care. Why else am I so passionately against such? Because the medical world could most likely cure so many diseases and the prescription drug over dose problem if they just focused on the gut, the absorption process.

Sounds simple and has a tad bit of common sense, does it sound? Sure, but the medical world is GUT LESS. They want customers not cures! Oh, on the outside sure, good samaritan, but the average time spent with a doctor now is less than five minutes. Then turn on your TV and listen, just listen to the prescription drug commercials. Ninety percent of the commercial is some fast talking spokes person rushing to get all the CWA side affects disclaimers in. Just yesterday, a doctor told me the drug problem was in the streets, not in the halls of hospitals; at the same time I’m watching him write on his prescription pad for ten people in less than an hour. Clean the pipes and some of this mess cleans up itself. But, don’t expect any snake, roto rooter action anytime in the near years. The next twenty years will be a gold mine for the drug companies with the aging population that is already addicted, to the system at least.

So whats the solution? You! You are the solution. You as the individual are the only ones who can decide to be proactive and common sensical. However, that requires you to do three things: get off the couch and stop being so dang lazy. Two, getting off the couch will require you to swallow your stinkin pride. And three, before those two will happen, you have to stop swimming in such stupid denial that, “IT WON’T HAPPEN YOU YOU!” Really?? Here’s some facts for you:

30 million have it; diabetes!  86 million, on their way to having it! Forty-five percent increase in last ten years; mostly from being overweight! Now called pre-cancer and pre-heart disease! Memory decreases twelve percent a year! Brain ages 5x faster.

So what’s the solution? After you get out of your denial, add a little common sense. Take care of the gut, clean the pipes with higher foods with antioxidants in them, look into what probiotics are, eat less sugar and carbohydrates and get a little circulation going with some activity! But, again, “Diabetes, Heart Disease, CANCER, Pain Killer addiction, won’t happen to you, will it?”

Be gutless now and be gutless down the road. It’s your call! And remember, the medical world wants customers not cures. No matter what they try to deflect the argument with!