29 Apr 2017
April 29, 2017

The Executive Coach ~ No Guts, No Glory!

There are coaches (Life) and then there are coaches (Executive). What’s the difference? Tons! Is it Education? Not really! Is it Experience? In some way, yes! In most cases it’s the GUT! It’s the boldness, confidence the belief in your convictions. Executive Coaching requires the innate ability too just know. Executive Coaching is not about suits or status, but heart felt gut checks! Sure the clients of the Executive Coach tend to be the corporate, entrepreneur, millionaire mentality types. But to the Executive Coach, the type means nothing. You could be blue collar, bistra at starbucks or CEO, doesn’t matter, Executive Coaching no matter the person is all the same; conviction in knowing that you know.

Anyone and their grandmother can call themselves a coach, life coach. Anyone with organization skills and a type “A” personality can by definition; be a coach. But, an Executive Coach takes something that cannot be taught, guts! Boldness to their core! It takes an intuition that cannot be taught in a classroom. You either have it and use it or you don’t. Sure we make a lot of money, but with belief in any part of life, comes bonuses.

For me, I knew I had the guts before I had the belief. For me, the path of the Executive Coach came to me, I did not sought out to find it. The right people, at the right time for them, crossed my path. The guts was there, the people followed and the belief showed up at the time.

Anyone can call themselves a Life Coach, but with no guts there cannot be glory as the Executor!