BULLIES AND HYPOCRITES! Two in the same! Either way, I dislike both much more than I do spinach. I grew up with many around me that were both and back then was a much different person than I am today! See, I’ve learned that both are cowards in disguised. Both share a sense of very low self-worth. Both cover up their jealousies and insecurities with verbal jabs and low blows; only to go home at night some of the loneliest people on earth. In truth they are big ole elephants filling up a room with bad emotional stench.

Those close to me know these; I am very transparent. I will always admit a mistake or shortcoming and apologize. In other words, I will always do the RIGHT thing even if it’s not the most popular to do. And, I will always stick up for the little guy, the bullied, and the one on the other end of the hypocrisy line, the one who can change the world if just believed in. I will always stand on truth no matter situation, persons or the consequences.


A few months ago, I was involved in a discussion with a rental cop that turned into a bully hiding behind his plastic yellow vest. In total the situation lasted a minute at the most. After of which I found myself holding a court summons stating I had refused his authority and was to appear in court sixty days later. I was facing three points and a fine to my almost spotless driving record. “Oh, heck no you won’t!” The Truth Will Set You Free! I always, always maintain! And you’re not getting away with this one, bully myself, and those around me, hiding your cowardly soul behind a Wal-Mart two dollar yellow vest. “Oh heck no you won’t!

First, I have not been in a courtroom in my life. Don’t smoke (pot), or any other drug and maybe three Coors beer a year; it’s a Colorado thing. And I doubt any of my friends could ever say they have heard me use the “F Bomb!” Squeaky clean, no way!” But if you try to bully me, my friends or even a stranger for that matter in my view, the meek is no more, and cheeks are not turned. This dude was not going to get away with this! However, there was this, “He said He said thing! And hey, pick your battles! Right? Or at least pick the ones you know you will win. So for two months, I thought and even prayed about the situation, but my passion fueled by conviction for the little guy ruled. Sure, pay the fine; take the point’s move on. Now that’s the cowardly way to go about it. I thought! No way, no matter the cost, this one was for the little guy! This one was for all those who bullied me, my beliefs as a child teenager. This was for the disabled who could not defend themselves. I was convicted, I was all in!

When I give my public speeches I always have an empty chair next to me, for…. JESUS. I always have Jesus sitting next to me, whispering the words for me to speak. And this time was going to be no exception. As the day approach, I was to meet with the District Attorney. DA, what for? I have no idea what the process is. Like I said, court rooms are for sitting on the couch watching. So as I soon learned the DA has reviewed your case prior to you presenting yourself in court. Nice man he was; looked him in the eye with my freshly pressed suit, shook his hand and smiled, beaming with self-confidence. The Truth does that you know. So does sticking up for the fellow man. Why not, there was an empty chair next to me. “What you here for?” his smiled.    Redemption! I smiled back. “Yes, I bet!” He grinned. “Shoot it to me straight.” He went on. The conversation was two minutes long at the most. “Sign here he points.” What am I signing? “Your release papers of sort “You’re done. Get out of here.” He laughed I could have walked right out at that moment, but the nudge, the pull from the other chair sat me back down. Do you happen to know the traffic cops name, by chance. “Already took care of that too! It’s not the first time, but the last.” He says before I could finish my plea. “Peace be with you! The DA smiled. Looking over at my empty chair and back at him I said, “It always is!”


“The Meek shall inherit the earth and the just will be set free!”

Greg Patrick Ryan