Build it and they will come! But will they stay?

Sure, pole barn, a few tractor tires, ladders, rocky chin bar and sledge hammer and you got yourself one of the six thousand seven hundred cross fit gyms in the US. Love the sport, but there’s one huge thing missing. First here’s the question, “Whats the biggest nemesis of the cross fit competitor? Injuries! What’s the source of most injuries? Food, proper nutrition. What keeps cross fit gyms doors open to stay in business? People! But, if people aren’t healthy, they won’t stay.

Unless you can incorporate nutrition into your members hanging from the rafters, you might as well stack hay in the building, cause no ones coming back. See it’s easy building the shell and buying a few used tire parts from the local junk yard, but inserting nutrition programs, proper ones at that are harder work. Sure, give a free gallon of protein away with every member and call your gym a nutrition superstore. Not gonna cut it either. Here’s the next trend in cross fit gyms across the country when it comes to nutritional testing and keeping your members healthy!