Doesn’t the sheer fact that you think this (TGIF) bugs you? Maybe it doesn’t! Maybe you’ve gotten so use to the same ole same ole, that it’s just a temporary fix to a complacent life? People think I’m unrealistic, not in touch with reality, even harsh at times, that’s ok! I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to move souls. And having the attitude of TGIF moves you only closer to a less for filled life. We are not born to regurgitate, we are born to create. Personally, I despise someone else telling me how much I am worth with a job, boss or career I dislike. I’m not cut that way. Never have been, never will be! Personally, I cannot stand the phrase TGIF. If I had to live a life only to look forward to the weekend, I would be totally miserable and definitely not living in GOD’s will for my life. Is having a job or career I don’t like not in GOD’s will? I cannot answer that. But, I do know your soul knows all. And if you feel any animosity toward TGIF then there’s your answer.

So what about stagnate water do you like? You must, you swim in it every day! What fears are you drowning in, that are completely unfounded? Nothing changes in life, until you do! So why think otherwise? Why spend one more Friday being grateful for the weekend? Why thank GOD for your Attitude? In GOD’s world, every day is a Friday. So why think otherwise!

The Messenger