Funny how no one really wants to be on one (treadmill), yet their lives so much resembles one. Same stuff, different day! And all one says is, “Thank GOD it’s Friday?” Really? When’s that going to even get old? Over and over, step by step, your life continues to revolve in a circle not evolve into something greater. Excuse after excuse, your life continues to go round and round not toward a straighter path. You see, whether you want to admit this or not, nothing is going to change in your life, unless you make a change. You see, whether you want to look into the mirror or not, this one time life thing, rests solely on you. Not your mother, not your father, not your past, sister or brother. This life thing is up to you! Nothing changes on your treadmill of life until you take a step out of your all too familiar, comfortable, if you will, life. Cry me a river if you like, but next Friday and the Friday after that will look and feel the same if you do nothing. The sad thing is, “Fear” only an illusion, not real, not possible, not existing. The other sad thing is, you are on the very thing you despise the most, the treadmill of a life.

Your best bet? Stop thinking so much! The best question, “Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?

The Mentor