In a world where we are now only separated by four people, with the help of social media, we are probably disconnected more than ever. Heck, the millennial generation most likely has never heard of or seen a phone, let alone used one. The Price for Convenience (Laziness) Over the last ten years I did.. read more →

What Will Be Left When You Return? Today the entire state of Florida is moving North! Hurricane Irene is about to unleash her fury of wind and rain upon the Sunshine State. And for most, they leave behind everything and look forward to maybe the most uncertain time in their lives. Family, fortress and financial.. read more →

Life is a Choice I’ve learned the hard way, that every action in life has a reaction. I’ve taken the path with the most resistance at times in my life, with the choices I have made. And that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned; we all have a choice. My cup was half empty years ago.. read more →

What’s GOOD Money Anyway? I’m making GOOD money! He says. What the heck is “good” money anyway? Webster says, “GOOD” money is hard earned money. Second question, why does money have to be hard earned? Is this the standard now, you have arrived in life when you start making what every good money is to.. read more →

Music and Money “What kind of music do you listen to?” She asked. “Crickets!” I smiled. “No really, I see you with your head phones in, what are you listening too, is that a band I never heard of?” She laughs. “No really! I’m listening to Crickets!” I smiled as I handed her my ear.. read more →

Muscle or Money? Muscles or Money? Now it looks all pretty, healthy and happy. But, soon you will be forced to decide, muscle or money? We age and there’s no way around it. Oh, you can deny it only so long, but it’s coming. Oh, your pride will carry you just long enough to fill.. read more →

The Calculated One Never judge a book by the cover and never judge a person by their inactions. Every watch a fox? They are always bee lining it somewhere. It’s like that nose is pointed and they are on a mission. No distractions, no worries, just a destination or quest in mind. And they never.. read more →

I once was embarrassed to tell this story, but today, I am not! Why? Because thousands have benefited from my story of how I rose from the ashes deep in debt and homeless to a six figure income in less than 24 months. Looking back it wasn’t all that hard, but it did take a.. read more →

I’m a farm boy! You’re not going to get much empathy or compassion from me. I come from the old school of working eighteen hour days, and no promise of an harvest time inheritance check at the end of life’s season. Heck, before I could even walk, I was placed on the packing table and.. read more →

You know what they say about opinions? Yep, like colons, everyones got one! In today’s world, opinions mean more than facts. Years ago, a hand shake of trust would suffice. Boy times have changed. So have the importance of pleasing others and being accepted. Since when does someone else’s opinion is more important than truth.. read more →