28 Apr 2017
April 28, 2017

Incompetent or Just Plain Lazy?

Life is a mirror! Like it or not. What you do, matters! Matters a lot to you and those around you. Leadership requires a bigger picture thinking. It demands you look outside your self. If you don’t think your actions, attitudes and attributes don’t matter, look at your children or close friends. Life is a.. read more →

BULLIES AND HYPOCRITES! Two in the same! Either way, I dislike both much more than I do spinach. I grew up with many around me that were both and back then was a much different person than I am today! See, I’ve learned that both are cowards in disguised. Both share a sense of very.. read more →

I spent the first half of my life, dying to fit in with the crowd. The latest part, obsessed with being different. I like my years now! The sad thing was, the first half of life, the quest was acceptance, identity and some form of purpose; all three of which I carried with me from.. read more →

“It’s all about the leap!” She says with a smile from ear to ear. My friend Kathy, wanted to go, but for me, leaping over a puddle in the stream was daring enough. But, what did I have to lose? She was living out her life, leap after leap, bucket list item after item. I.. read more →

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3SjKnShszI read more →

I’m Ready! Ready for what? Weight loss, new relationship, different career, change in attitude? We all say we are ready, but are we, truly? Words don’t teach, only life experiences do! You can say, “Im Ready” for a change or too change a thousand times, but, it’s only life that gets us truly ready for.. read more →

Finally! After over sixty resumes and hours of pain staking grammar bombs and twitter like cover letters I found the one, I hope! Twenty-two, well dressed, approachable, sounds like a winner of the front desk operator at the spa. And in the nick of time, busy season upon us! A phone call, not a text,.. read more →

Wishful thinking! That’s what motivation really is! Why is being motivated only temporary? It’s not heart felt, that’s why! It’s superficial at best! It’s more doing something after the fact with no pure intentions. If the thing you are motivated to do is not a HECK YES, then it should never be started. Why? It’s.. read more →

The ultimate juggling act, people pleasing. The ultimate path to failure too. As children we are forced to explain our motives behind every action we take. And while our age may change, we feel as adults our explanations or need for doesn’t. Acceptance, the root of most need for explanation. Deep down we all want.. read more →

A few weeks ago, a man approached me in a coffee shop. He had over heard a conversation I had with a radio show producer and gave me his email to contact him. So the next day I did. I never heard back from him and quite frankly, forgot about him. Sitting in the same.. read more →