“Your will be done, LORD!” Maybe the hardest of all prayers to pray, but also maybe one of the most powerful, influential ones as well. I know a few scriptures, but do I really believe the scriptures I read? Not always. Came across the Jabez prayer about fifteen years ago. Flippantly, read the book and.. read more →

“Frankly my dear, I could give a damn!” Famous movie words maybe have become the most used unspoken words in the world of ones health! The Greatest Illness of All! Tic toc, tic toc your life is on the clock! The fuse is lit and you could care less. Denial more than any disease in.. read more →

Joy and sorrow reside not in the same house! JOY comes from the soul, sorrow from the heart and wounded mind. The Soul always knows True North, and always knows the Truth when heard. The Soul lives in total JOY that gives Peace! There is no hurt when the soul leads, only the heart and.. read more →

23 Apr 2017
April 23, 2017

Satisfaction ~ Just Darn Good Stewardship!

Never pray for patience, they say! GOD will surely test you, if you do. Well, I don’t know about the test, but I do know you can’t get no satisfaction with it! They both cannot live in the same house. Either you grow weary through discontentment or you grow strong through peace of what you.. read more →

What is your Jericho? We all have one or more. The truth is we will continue to be challenged with a Jericho the rest of our days; history shows us that. If our history, yours and mine on a personal level have spoken anything around our walls, it would not be the importance of physical.. read more →