For thirty years I’ve taught and preached the sermon on denial, pride and laziness. I’ve spoke to millions until I am blue in the face about the consequences of bad eating habits and poor lifestyles and CANCER. Open your Facebook and there’s not a day goes by that you don’t see someone with Cancer or.. read more →

So you’ve survived Hurricane Irma! So! So now what? The sad thing is, you think you have time! Where were you sixteen years ago today? Do you even remember what happened on this day, years ago? By the actions of most, most don’t remember. Most don’t care!  Once you get your electricity back on, you’ll.. read more →

No doubt? Not sure that’s possible! We tend to believe what is, not what is to come. And when we do, doubt creeps in our lives. Living a life totally on Faith 24/7, maybe not, but we can recognize it when it does enter our homes of hearts. “How then do you get rid of.. read more →

Tasteful, but Tasteless Tasteful or Tasteless? Either way, your taste may be killing you. Most eat for taste, and most are the walking dead, dying a very unhealthy death prematurely! Most don’t eat for health, they eat for pleasure. Most eat out of laziness, most die of pride because of such. Most go by the.. read more →

“Your will be done, LORD!” Maybe the hardest of all prayers to pray, but also maybe one of the most powerful, influential ones as well. I know a few scriptures, but do I really believe the scriptures I read? Not always. Came across the Jabez prayer about fifteen years ago. Flippantly, read the book and.. read more →

TGIF! Really? When are you going to have enough? Enough of the same ole, same ole thinking. Over and over, week in and week out you do the same thing, expecting different results! Really? Hows that working for you? You and Tom are the same. Going to work day in and day out, with the.. read more →

One who believes is more influential than millions who do not! The question is, “Are you in the stream or standing along its banks?” Most are standing, afraid to jump in! Afraid to where the stream may take them. Afraid of losing control of their lives. I will follow you Jesus, on my conditions, not.. read more →

Actions speak louder than words. America fuels it’s own demise. In and out, and over and over, day after day, we do the same ole thing thinking to get different results! We thrive on chaos and pay for it on the front and back ends dearly. Who cares, right? Everyone’s doing it! Why be different?.. read more →

You’ve seen this movie before. Same life, different Sunday! You’ve been down this same road before. Same story different day! Treadmill, rat wheel call it what you may, but anyway you brew it, you’ve been burned. You’re going through life, tasting the froth not the brew. You’re surviving at best. When is enough, enough. Tomorrow,.. read more →

Floating along, minding your own business and wham!!!! Out of the fog it hits you, or almost hits you! It is in these times we stand, take a breath and say, Thank You GOD! There’s not a scarier sound than that of a crashing sheet mental and screeching tires coming from your rear view mirror… read more →