Acceptance! Let’s call it like it is! We all in some way or another want to be accepted, to fit in so to speak. But at what cost? Most spend their lives, months and days trying to convince people of something. Why do we need to feel we have to persuade others of anything? Your.. read more →

TGIF! Really? When are you going to have enough? Enough of the same ole, same ole thinking. Over and over, week in and week out you do the same thing, expecting different results! Really? Hows that working for you? You and Tom are the same. Going to work day in and day out, with the.. read more →

Weight loss, making a lot of money or finding the love of your life is not complicated. And it’s not about going out and getting them. Life holds no secrets. Your answers to all three of those are right under your nose, you just have too much complicated clutter to hear or see them. The art of getting all those, is read more →

The Calculated One Never judge a book by the cover and never judge a person by their inactions. Every watch a fox? They are always bee lining it somewhere. It’s like that nose is pointed and they are on a mission. No distractions, no worries, just a destination or quest in mind. And they never.. read more →

One who believes is more influential than millions who do not! The question is, “Are you in the stream or standing along its banks?” Most are standing, afraid to jump in! Afraid to where the stream may take them. Afraid of losing control of their lives. I will follow you Jesus, on my conditions, not.. read more →

“You Broke Bro?” Look at your emotional bank statement, that’ll tell you a lot! The problem with that is, you cannot spend your excuses not to do something. If that were the case, most would be richer than dirt! But, their not. You spend most of your time arguing for your limitations, or in other.. read more →

All the while you are worried and spewing hatred in the political ring, you’re walking dead with your health! It’s much easy to give ones opinion about things they cannot control, rather than give a crap about ones health in which they can! Either way, you feel crappy in the end! “Give me Liberty or.. read more →

GOD is GOD! He doesn’t need it! A few years ago I learned a very powerful lesson. I discovered one of the best ways of getting GOD’s attention. At the time, I would have much rather discovered this communication line in a different way, but as always, GOD had a much larger plan. I always.. read more →

I AM, who I AM “Why all the fuss?”  GOD says! I AM who I AM (Exodus 3) I am Alpha Omega the first and the last and everything in between. I AM, “Everything, to all people!” And if one believes such, then Peace abides in everything.  I AM everything. GOD says. So if I.. read more →

It’s not about skill, who you know or education. Success in life before all those is about one thing. Are you asking the right questions? Problem based life or Solution, which one is yours? Are you always focused on the problem or are you listening for solutions, yes listening? The answers to your life, circumstances.. read more →