Music and Money “What kind of music do you listen to?” She asked. “Crickets!” I smiled. “No really, I see you with your head phones in, what are you listening too, is that a band I never heard of?” She laughs. “No really! I’m listening to Crickets!” I smiled as I handed her my ear.. read more →

From Living in a Car to Debt Free Abundance! We all have a view on tithing, giving or charity, however you want to say it. Many have different interpretations of Malachi 3:10 too. Here’s my story! My parents married almost seventy years now, have never owed a penny to no one. High School education at.. read more →

Everybody thinks being a Real Estate Broker is glamorous and money making. Maybe for a few it is, but do you know 95% of agents fail? But, I’m not talking to the losers here, I am speaking directly to you so called winners. Real Estate, the hardest workers for the least amount of money. The.. read more →

Thirty years ago, I incorporated one business principle into my personal training business and the money flowed like a river. It’s not about marketing or training techniques. It’s about….. read more → read more →

Best Selling Wealth Building Author, Greg Patrick Ryan shares how he and hundreds of other medical and wellness professionals added thousands to profit center with out adding staff. read more → read more →