No doubt? Not sure that’s possible! We tend to believe what is, not what is to come. And when we do, doubt creeps in our lives. Living a life totally on Faith 24/7, maybe not, but we can recognize it when it does enter our homes of hearts. “How then do you get rid of.. read more →

Predestination! Oh the holy grail of debates! Free will or life already predetermined, this debate will go on until Christ returns! Personally, I don’t think about it in the least. What I do know is, the Peace that GOD gives in the knowing of Him is all is beyond understanding. Purpose Filled We all have.. read more →

The Calculated One Never judge a book by the cover and never judge a person by their inactions. Every watch a fox? They are always bee lining it somewhere. It’s like that nose is pointed and they are on a mission. No distractions, no worries, just a destination or quest in mind. And they never.. read more →

One who believes is more influential than millions who do not! The question is, “Are you in the stream or standing along its banks?” Most are standing, afraid to jump in! Afraid to where the stream may take them. Afraid of losing control of their lives. I will follow you Jesus, on my conditions, not.. read more →

You know what they say about opinions? Yep, like colons, everyones got one! In today’s world, opinions mean more than facts. Years ago, a hand shake of trust would suffice. Boy times have changed. So have the importance of pleasing others and being accepted. Since when does someone else’s opinion is more important than truth.. read more →

I never believed this until I went through a tough life lesson! Debt free is not all about money. Matter of fact, it’s more about something else, rather than cash; it’s about your emotions, past present and future tense! While a teacher, I am not perfect. And in many cases I use my own life examples.. read more →

Everybody thinks being a Real Estate Broker is glamorous and money making. Maybe for a few it is, but do you know 95% of agents fail? But, I’m not talking to the losers here, I am speaking directly to you so called winners. Real Estate, the hardest workers for the least amount of money. The.. read more →

Floating along, minding your own business and wham!!!! Out of the fog it hits you, or almost hits you! It is in these times we stand, take a breath and say, Thank You GOD! There’s not a scarier sound than that of a crashing sheet mental and screeching tires coming from your rear view mirror… read more →

Well if it’s hard or complicated it must be the right thing to do! Where did you get that type of thinking? As a Health Coach as well as Wealth, I have noticed this over the last three decades; people think that if losing weight or building wealth is not complicated then it will not.. read more →

Build it and they will come! But will they stay? Sure, pole barn, a few tractor tires, ladders, rocky chin bar and sledge hammer and you got yourself one of the six thousand seven hundred cross fit gyms in the US. Love the sport, but there’s one huge thing missing. First here’s the question, “Whats.. read more →