That in which we focus upon, only gets bigger! In other words, we get what we expect. The question is, ‘What are you dwelling on?” Are you focusing on what you do not have in life, or what you have? Are you appreciative for the little or resentful for the lot? Years ago, I focused.. read more →

Proof in the Prescription “So who’s going to step up? You, the doctor the big pharma, the government? Fat chance of any of you having the guts to grow a pair. But, if this crisis is going to anywhere get control off it starts with you getting off your lazy, prideful denial butt.” There’s the.. read more →

Most are dumbfounded, many disgraceful and mainly only a handful are different! Sounds harsh for my profession, doesn’t it? I never shy away from the truth, nor will I this time. You offended by my three decade observation, then look in the mirror; the ugly truth brings that out in people! Ninety eight percent of.. read more →

Penny or a Castle it’s all the same! A prayer becomes a miracle, it’s all in the name! Jesus never breaks a promise. No matter how little or large ones prayer, GOD answers. He answers, not based off your desires, but your beliefs. GOD will always supply our needs, maybe not our wants, only in.. read more →

Doesn’t the sheer fact that you think this (TGIF) bugs you? Maybe it doesn’t! Maybe you’ve gotten so use to the same ole same ole, that it’s just a temporary fix to a complacent life? People think I’m unrealistic, not in touch with reality, even harsh at times, that’s ok! I’m not here to make.. read more →

BULLIES AND HYPOCRITES! Two in the same! Either way, I dislike both much more than I do spinach. I grew up with many around me that were both and back then was a much different person than I am today! See, I’ve learned that both are cowards in disguised. Both share a sense of very.. read more → read more → read more → read more →

Wishful thinking makes one resentful! Point your finger at the rich, be ticked off at the system, even feel you are entitled, life is on your face, anyway you slice your pie! You want a lifestyle that gives you freedom to do what you want when you want it. You even want enough money to.. read more →