Jesus has traded in his loin cloth for a lab coat! This blog may come across like I’m mad. Well, I am. For thirty plus years I’ve seen all this medical mess coming. I’ve preached, teach a reached for anyway possible to get people’s attention of what now maybe is too late to do anything.. read more →

Let me shoot it to you straight, since the medical world will not! You’re dying, and dying pre maturely at pandemic rates. How’s that working for you? Let me dumb this down so much, you probably won’t believe it or grasp it even. The Source The Source of ALL, not some, but ALL disease comes.. read more → read more → read more → read more →

No Guts, No Glory! It’s that simple! Clean the pipes and the mess gets cleaned up! Many think my attitude toward medicine is harsh, especially if I need a doctor myself. Let me make this crystal clear! I am not against EMERGENCY medicine. There is a time, place and need for it. However, the customer.. read more → read more →

Best Selling Author Greg Patrick Ryan shares his story and overview of the cutting edge disease prevention technology called the Biophotonic Anti Oxidant Scanner read more → read more →

How you feel today, will be your tomorrow! What? In other words, we get what we expect! I have lived this out in a way I hope you don’t! Years ago, at a time in my life I focused so much on what I did in the past and what I did not have, that.. read more →