Let me shoot it to you straight, since the medical world will not! You’re dying, and dying pre maturely at pandemic rates. How’s that working for you? Let me dumb this down so much, you probably won’t believe it or grasp it even. The Source The Source of ALL, not some, but ALL disease comes.. read more →

Caregivers, good caregivers hard to find these days. So much so, here in Colorado it’s becoming dangerous. But, the most disturbing thing is what’s happening in the care centers because of it! A new babysitter industry has emerged. A new money making profit center for big pharma has been born. Caregivers in shortage crisis, who.. read more →

“Frankly my dear, I could give a damn!” Famous movie words maybe have become the most used unspoken words in the world of ones health! The Greatest Illness of All! Tic toc, tic toc your life is on the clock! The fuse is lit and you could care less. Denial more than any disease in.. read more →

No Guts, No Glory! It’s that simple! Clean the pipes and the mess gets cleaned up! Many think my attitude toward medicine is harsh, especially if I need a doctor myself. Let me make this crystal clear! I am not against EMERGENCY medicine. There is a time, place and need for it. However, the customer.. read more →

“It’s all about the leap!” She says with a smile from ear to ear. My friend Kathy, wanted to go, but for me, leaping over a puddle in the stream was daring enough. But, what did I have to lose? She was living out her life, leap after leap, bucket list item after item. I.. read more →

Hope sure does float! This is a story of my friend Kathy sharing with me her story of cancer and the importance of exercise and eating right! read more →

21 Apr 2013
April 21, 2013

Antioxidants and Cancer Prevention

Greg Ryan owns the scanner technology! For more information on how to get the scanner in your practice email us a gregryanfitness@yahoo.com read more →

28 Mar 2013
March 28, 2013

The Power Switch Behind Losing Weight

All the fretting is in the lead up to flipping the decision switch. Flip it and the burden disappears. Ever experience this? So why is it so hard to just make a decision, be done with it and move on when it comes to a weight loss and exercise plan? In most cases it’s fear.. read more →

18 Mar 2013
March 18, 2013

Hope Does Float, Cancer Survivors

Cancer! Will there ever be a cure? I do not have that answer, but I have to believe HOPE may be the best medicine we have to date. What’s your price for confidence I always ask? For Kathy that day, jumping out of an airplane was more than just a leap of surviving; it was a jump of a life thriving. And for me watching her floating through the clouds on a cushion of air convinced me, HOPE does float! read more →