“I have a book I want to get published can you help me? I’m going to go to some workshops on how to write a book soon!” Ok, let me see your work? I smiled. “Well, I only have one chapter finished. “I would like to build a house!” I replied. “It’s in my head,.. read more →

24 Apr 2017
April 24, 2017

Inspiration ~ The Art of Finding Your Path!

It’s what I did not do, rather than what I did; that I most regret! The #1 statement elderly adults make when asked. If only? If only I could go back and do it all over again. If only I knew then what I know now. If only I would be able to go back.. read more →

No Guts, No Glory! It’s that simple! Clean the pipes and the mess gets cleaned up! Many think my attitude toward medicine is harsh, especially if I need a doctor myself. Let me make this crystal clear! I am not against EMERGENCY medicine. There is a time, place and need for it. However, the customer.. read more →

“Begin with the end in mind!” A quote by Steven Covey that I have lived by from the first day of my business, thirty four years ago! Most wellness professionals have not a clue what that quote means, and thats why most are broke as a wooden nickel. Heck, most are living day to day.. read more →

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By George, I think you got it! Jesus whispers to me everyday! A few years ago I was reading up on George Washington and his relationship with Ben Franklin. Two of the most opposite personalities you can get, but a relationship closer than no other. Ben, the typical “A” type, list making, agenda driven person… read more →

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I’m Ready! Ready for what? Weight loss, new relationship, different career, change in attitude? We all say we are ready, but are we, truly? Words don’t teach, only life experiences do! You can say, “Im Ready” for a change or too change a thousand times, but, it’s only life that gets us truly ready for.. read more →