Steven Covey writes, “Start with the end in mind.” I doubt if Bob the biggest loser trainer and host, was thinking this was his way of ending things. But, in the end, he and you may be the biggest losers of them all. You see, Bob the trainer dude, talked the talk, smiled at the.. read more →

Motivation verses Inspiration? Do you know the difference? And there’s a huge one. Each one has a totally different feel to them, when you even speak them. Why do New Years Resolutions never work? People are motivated, but not inspired. Motivation has a counter part that Inspiration does not. Thats, procrastination! More times than not,.. read more →

BULLIES AND HYPOCRITES! Two in the same! Either way, I dislike both much more than I do spinach. I grew up with many around me that were both and back then was a much different person than I am today! See, I’ve learned that both are cowards in disguised. Both share a sense of very.. read more →

30 Oct 2014
October 30, 2014

Weight Loss and Your Approach

Many men and women want to get in better shape, but they mostly want quick fix programs that are usually packaged in fancy wrapping paper, filled with recipes, calorie-counting books and exercise DVDs. With all these programs out there they question still remains, “WHY TODAY ARE YOU in the shape you are IN and america ON THE VERGE OF an obesity crisis?” read more →

18 Mar 2013
March 18, 2013

Hope Does Float, Cancer Survivors

Cancer! Will there ever be a cure? I do not have that answer, but I have to believe HOPE may be the best medicine we have to date. What’s your price for confidence I always ask? For Kathy that day, jumping out of an airplane was more than just a leap of surviving; it was a jump of a life thriving. And for me watching her floating through the clouds on a cushion of air convinced me, HOPE does float! read more →

16 Mar 2013
March 16, 2013

Steroids and Pleading the FIFTH

The Locker Room – Steroids, HGH and the Pleading the FIFTH DRUG Problem! Being Accepted, getting an Identity and having a Purpose, the core essence of living; me, they were the center reasons for almost dying.   There comes a time in every kids life that they are either looking in or looking out, in.. read more →