No doubt? Not sure that’s possible! We tend to believe what is, not what is to come. And when we do, doubt creeps in our lives. Living a life totally on Faith 24/7, maybe not, but we can recognize it when it does enter our homes of hearts. “How then do you get rid of.. read more →

Nutrition affects the ADHD brain in three ways. 1. Brain cells, like other cells in the body, need proper nutrition to carry out their functions. 2. The myelin sheath, which covers the axons of brain cells, as insulation covers electrical wires, needs the right levels of nutrients to speed transmission of the electrical signals between.. read more →

29 Apr 2017
April 29, 2017

The Executive Coach ~ No Guts, No Glory!

There are coaches (Life) and then there are coaches (Executive). What’s the difference? Tons! Is it Education? Not really! Is it Experience? In some way, yes! In most cases it’s the GUT! It’s the boldness, confidence the belief in your convictions. Executive Coaching requires the innate ability too just know. Executive Coaching is not about.. read more → read more →

Coaches, trainers, people in general ask me all the time, “”Thirty-five years of counseling people, wow. How did you do it?” Boundaries! Simple as that. I set healthy boundaries with people from the start. I charge a lot of money, and in turn I give so much customer service they never complain about the fees… read more →

“I have a book I want to get published can you help me? I’m going to go to some workshops on how to write a book soon!” Ok, let me see your work? I smiled. “Well, I only have one chapter finished. “I would like to build a house!” I replied. “It’s in my head,.. read more →

No Guts, No Glory! It’s that simple! Clean the pipes and the mess gets cleaned up! Many think my attitude toward medicine is harsh, especially if I need a doctor myself. Let me make this crystal clear! I am not against EMERGENCY medicine. There is a time, place and need for it. However, the customer.. read more →

23 Apr 2017
April 23, 2017

Satisfaction ~ Just Darn Good Stewardship!

Never pray for patience, they say! GOD will surely test you, if you do. Well, I don’t know about the test, but I do know you can’t get no satisfaction with it! They both cannot live in the same house. Either you grow weary through discontentment or you grow strong through peace of what you.. read more →

“It’s all about the leap!” She says with a smile from ear to ear. My friend Kathy, wanted to go, but for me, leaping over a puddle in the stream was daring enough. But, what did I have to lose? She was living out her life, leap after leap, bucket list item after item. I.. read more →

“Begin with the end in mind!” A quote by Steven Covey that I have lived by from the first day of my business, thirty four years ago! Most wellness professionals have not a clue what that quote means, and thats why most are broke as a wooden nickel. Heck, most are living day to day.. read more →