05 Apr 2017
April 5, 2017

Supplements ~ Big Business and Big Hoax!

Think about this for one second! Seriously! Your life depends on it! One thousand nine hundred supplements on the shelves! And you buy every single one of them on hear say and how the person looks on the bottle! Really? Don’t you think that is a little stupid, considering its your health and body you are dealing with? No, I really want you to think about this. You are putting your life, your children’s life and the future of your entire family’s in the hands of some non FDA approved company that could give a rats behind about you. It’s ALL about sales. Period! Easy…get a group people together, pay them for their testimony and free product for a few years. Anyone can do that. How? You don’t read the fine print, you’re too lazy to research! Ouch! But it’s the truth. Only ten percent of the average consumer stays on a product for a year! Why is that? Because they don’t absorb and you cannot prove their theories!

It’s a trillion dollar business on your stupidity and laziness! Think about that!