People ask me all the time, “Why do you post this every Sunday?” Because, it’s the most important part of ones life, whether they realize it our not. “Something’s Brewing?” What the heck does that mean? It means, life never stops. It means, expectations in ones life, is the rudder in the sea of life. It means EVERYTHING! I know first hand! Expectations made me a million and fame, and it got me broke and homeless. So, from experience I know, you get in life, exactly what you expect. How one feels today, will be their tomorrow, it’s really that simple. But, for most, hard to swallow.

You mean, this stuff going on in my life, I brought on myself? Yes, all of it. You allowed it to come into your life, somehow some way or another. This was hard for me to understand as I slept in my jeep for months in the mountains of Colorado. In truth, I continuously thought about my past, my mistakes, my current situation and never about the positive aspects of it all. And through my focus, I continually got what I was expecting….until. Until that day I focused on the good, and I got more good. And more good, and more good. I know this will be hard for most to understand, but your path in life comes down to one thing, your expectations. Your focus, your perspective of life and the world around you. So why do I post this every Sunday? Because it’s the most important post I will ever post in my life. It’s the one that moves more lives, then any other words I could write. Something is always brewing in life. However, you hold the temperature gauge, the burner knob. You hold the focus.

You want to blame the rich people on things, all the while you focus on what you do not have, so you get more of that, more of what you do not have. You point your finger at the government, so what happens? Your life gets consumed with more of what the government is doing or not doing. You resent others with good relationships, yet, not willing to look in the mirror. However the truth is, your cup of brew is on you. Again, how do I know? I know first hand the good, the bad and the ugliness of your thoughts, your pride, your excuses and your power of the past. As absolute as gravity, we, you, get exactly what we focus upon.

Great Expectations Through Appreciations!

So I ask you, ” Aren’t you tired? Are you not exhausted in fighting it all? Are you not, just plain beat up, fighting your emotions? Would it be not easier and more peaceful by expecting good things verses more of the same? Would life not be more enjoyable by seeing the good in everything, than what you do not have? Would it not be more joy in your life if you loved you, life, and the world unconditionally? Wouldn’t be nice to live a life this week full of hope verses resistance? You can, but it’s all on you. Not your brother, sister, dog, senator, boss, mother, father. It’s on you. I look back at those days in the jeep and think, “How stupid, how delusional my mind was. Why on earth would I bring that on myself, but I did. Until that day, I turned all of it around with one mindset, “Expectations through Appreciation!”

Something is brewing in your life, you hold the temperature gauge. You hold the thoughts, the focus the mindset. You tired, bro? Then focus on the good, not the bad. Focus on the having, not the lack.

You get what you expect! Period!