“Begin with the end in mind!” A quote by Steven Covey that I have lived by from the first day of my business, thirty four years ago! Most wellness professionals have not a clue what that quote means, and thats why most are broke as a wooden nickel. Heck, most are living day to day on a pipe dream, prayer and delusional perspectives.

Actual vs. Passive

Do you know what the difference between “Actual” and “Passive” income is? That may be a good place to start learning. Actual income is being paid per hour or for a project one time. Passive or Residual income is being paid over and over again similar to “Compound Interest!”

Exist Strategy

Every smart successful business person has what is called an, “Exist Strategy,” or “End in mind,” as Steven Covey calls it. An exist strategy is just that. What kind of plan do you have when the body and mind starts slowing down? Heck, maybe you cannot even think past today! Scary way of living, don’t you think?

Pay Now or Later

Now, this may hurt a little. But, I’m not here to be friends with you, I’m here to encourage you through truth to have a more quality life, by thinking again a little. The truth is, you’re broke! At least in REAL money that is. If you cannot take off from your business for six months without it going backwards, then you are REAL MONEY broke. For once, let go of your ego. You have to admit, deep down, thats got to be a little scary; especially if you have a family. Your denial to look or develop an exist plan will cost you and your family much more than money in the end. Sooner or later, you got to learn how to count past fifteen, years that is. Either take the time now or pay the price later.

Free the Radical Inside

Today, I do what I do, when I want, where I want and how I want. How? See the link below. Years ago, I learned to count past fifteen years. I learned that freeing myself from the bondage of a boss, an actual income and debt would feed my soul. So, my encouragement to you is, “Start with the end in mind!” More importantly, learn to keep your ego at the door, or in the end, life will show you the door!