Coaches, trainers, people in general ask me all the time, “”Thirty-five years of counseling people, wow. How did you do it?” Boundaries! Simple as that. I set healthy boundaries with people from the start. I charge a lot of money, and in turn I give so much customer service they never complain about the fees. With this, they know what to expect from me on day one and I have mapped out to them, what I expect from them. If they will not sign and acknowledge what is expected then our relationship is not the best long term and we part ways. Sound harsh, not all. Setting healthy business boundaries, allows each party to feel better about themselves and be empowered at the same time. Compromise is not an option. Entitlement is poison on the soul and so is having no boundaries to your business.

You may not think this is vital to your longevity and profit of your training business, but its HUGE! Maybe more for you than anyone. One bad apple spoils a bunch and I mean bunch. It spoils your self esteem and confidence. And confidence is money and inspiration. And that’s priceless. If you are on the fence with policies and principles, you will be off your rocker down the road. Your business will drive you nuts and you will quit! Mark my word! It may be challenging in the beginning, but soon you will grow into it being a must in your spirit and business.

Orientation of Expectations, written and signed agreements, office and scheduling policies are recommended from minute one.

The Mentor