10 Mar 2013
March 10, 2013

Resigning The Eggs BENEDICT Diet!

Hey if the Pope can do it, why cannot I? We both had enough of the scrambled mess. We both realized the plate and everything on it weighed us down. We both quickly figured out after a little taste the dressings and our system was not a match. We both came to the conclusion that on our terms was as good a time as any to divorce rather than wait and face possible rejection issues. And we both also realized our detachment pull would soon be replaced with another hot looking craving, satisfying our hungers for more.

Yes, breakfast for you and I, quiet time for POPE Benedict are the most important thing to start the day off. But, with anything too much of a good thing, could result in a bad days work. On average an eggs benedict tallies around 650 – 700 calories. YIKES!!!! Love taste, but hate the baggage. Sooner or later you have resign to the fact that taste is not worth the dressing and cut your loses, in this case gains in pounds. Is it possible to cut the calories and not sacrifice taste, I think so? Take a look at this recipe I found. Low Fat Eggs Benedict.

Pope Benedict saw the writing on the wall; I saw the numbers on the scale. If you cannot go cold turkey on the thing, resign to a once awhile treat. More recipe ideas follow us @gregryanfitness!