How you feel today, will be your tomorrow! What? In other words, we get what we expect! I have lived this out in a way I hope you don’t! Years ago, at a time in my life I focused so much on what I did in the past and what I did not have, that I got exactly what I was fearing. I lived in my jeep in the mountains of Colorado for eight months! I focused so much on, “What is,” that “What is to come, couldn’t come!” Make sense? Probably not!

In other words, I was so mad at what I had become, and did not accomplish that I lost just about everything. Then the second I started focusing on appreciating what I had and letting go of the oar, so to speak, everything changed. The mountains in my life, turned into springs of living water. I started to realize how I felt today, ended up my tomorrow! I realized how important my future was, by focusing on my dreams, my appreciation for the little things. Then, all of sudden, the momentum of thing in such a way, gained strength and all my challenges disappeared.

If you want to know how your future will turn out, focus on appreciating what you have. Make Peace with the day and tomorrow will bring you Peace!