The ultimate juggling act, people pleasing. The ultimate path to failure too. As children we are forced to explain our motives behind every action we take. And while our age may change, we feel as adults our explanations or need for doesn’t. Acceptance, the root of most need for explanation. Deep down we all want to be accepted by our peers. Good luck with that. People pleases, psychologist will tell you are the most unhappy people on earth. You just cannot please everyone, and in the end you only drain your self worth.

Fear of punishment or outing! Why do adults feel they have to justify for their so called, “limitations?” When in true, its just an excuse for not trying or living their dreams. Fear! Most fear failure. Most want to be accepted and not be made to look bad in front of others. My question is, “Why put so much power in the hands of others, when ten minutes down the road, they have forgotten you in the first place? Unless you are in front of a judge, why explain any actions of yours? Thats between you and your Heavenly judge. Arguing for your limitations is like putting GOD and your dreams in a box. There are no limitations and there are no needs for explanations. Live without either and watch your life dance!

The Messenger