What is your Jericho? We all have one or more. The truth is we will continue to be challenged with a Jericho the rest of our days; history shows us that. If our history, yours and mine on a personal level have spoken anything around our walls, it would not be the importance of physical weaponry, but of mental and spiritual philosophy. The collapsing of the walls at Jericho was not won by a showing of brut force, but of a strength in perception, presence of mind, perseverance, and a powerful belief system much greater than any wall built. So, what can we learn from such a different type of battle strategy? What things in our Faith or Fitness programs can we implement on a daily basis to break down our challenges through this journey of ours?

Here are a ten-

  1. Guard your Heart and Mind– Overcoming challenges is about being aware of your enemy at all times, at that is usually ourselves. Protecting what is unseen verses seen.
  2. Attitude IS Everything – See the big picture, at the same moment take one day and circle at a time.
  3. First Things First – Plan, work and think smart, do the more meaningful things first in your day; all the other walls won’t seem so tough to overcome.
  4. Strength in Numbers – Challenges will not fall attacking them on our own. Form a team; have them circle the wagons upon asking. Pride builds walls not takes them down.
  5. Work with What You Have– You already possess all the tools you need to overcome daily challenges. Recognize hurdles are illusions not reality. Remember David had a rock, not a rocket.
  6. A Greater Purpose– Act like someone else’s life depends upon it. Overcoming any obstacle is easier when you believe you are doing for the right reasons, and they most likely just do not affect you alone.
  7. Be Different– Imagination is the key to most things. Logic, reason, and conventional wisdom is your strongest of enemies. Out side the box thinking is your largest of allies.
  8. Strength through Humility– Those inside the walls of Jericho were defeated long before the yelling began. Do not take anything for granted, be Grateful for what you have, and thankful for the victory to come.
  9. You are Worthy – Believe you are worthy of such victory, losing weight or acceptance of God, it matters not. Instill a value system into your daily thinking, and the walls will look like speed bumps.
  10. Loosen the Belt– Lighten up Frances. Never lose the laughter in life. There are no expectations or agendas. Be yourself!