28 Oct 2014
October 28, 2014

Motivation by Hitting the Brakes!

Insert key, press start! Insert key press start!! A freakin 80,000 dollar car with all the bells and whistles, 100 degrees out in the California sun and I could not seem to get the dude to turn over. What in the world do I have to do, just to start this car and go? I wondered as sweat rolled down my forehead. Seeing my frustration as she cut through the grocery story parking lot, “You have to step on the brake first,” She says kindly, being careful not to bruise my already fragile ego. “Are you serious?” I said with a fake humble grin. “Why in the heck do you have to put on the brake in order to go forward?” That just makes no sense at all. But, it did work and I did get to my destination. And I did swallow some pride!!

Hitting the Reset Button

Hundreds of people have asked me over the years, “How have you kept your motivation up for so long? “My answer has always been the same, straightforward and simple, “I reset and start over every single day.” No hidden secret, no fancy starter button to hit sending me like a rocket ship forward. Matter of fact, I have to hit the brakes and reset the starter switch each and ever morning.

When I hit the brake, the car never moved. Did not go backwards or to the side, but was ready to be put in gear to move forward with power.

Sometimes in order of us to move forward in life, achieving goals or just getting to our next destination we have to look right in front of our nose, or in my case under my feet. Sometimes we have to take a breath, hit the brakes, even only for a second, regroup and punch the accelerator once again. You can by all the fancy gear, exercise equipment, self help tapes you want, but in some cases all you really have to do is wake up, tap the brakes, take a breath, reset the goals for the day and off you go.

When life seems crazy, in a hurry to get somewhere, frustrated with not reaching your goals, reset and punch the gas again. You may be surprised how much gas mileage you get, assuming you get your car started. LOL!