28 Mar 2017
March 28, 2017

Mending Fences ~ Setting Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries, not the easiest of things to build. But, maybe the most protective of ones life, once understood. Setting healthy boundaries requires Faith, but in turn fuels the, “Fear of Loss.” So what gives? Faith or Fear? Many Christians have a challenge with this part of their walk with the LORD. For what ever reason, most feel, refusing to follow someone else or fail to appease them is a sin! Really? People pleasers are considered the most unhappy, unhealthy, untrustworthy of personalities. You just cannot please everyone. And in reality you end up hurting your self esteem and trust in Jesus anyway! There’s nothing wrong with mending fences or even building new ones! And surely is not a sin.

Jesus wants our trust, first and foremost. Trust comes in many different forms and acts on our behalf. You cannot trust and fear at the same time, just not possible. For instance, if there’s a part of your fence that needs repair and you have a heard of cattle within, sooner or later each cattle will work their way through the down fence, leaving you with what? Mending fences, setting boundaries keeps the confidence in, self esteem high and trust in the LORD. Not setting them, does exactly the opposite. GOD’s not going to punish you for standing up for your beliefs, so stand for something. GOD wants surrender and obedience (consistency) from us, in other words, Trust! Build a few fences in your life and watch the your barns over flow with live stock in the form of blessings.