I make no bones about it, emergency medicine, YES, long term, why?

A father of three teenagers, husband and head of orthopedics surgery! At the top of his profession after twenty years from the first day of school, the world as most see it, an oyster for the taking. Well, instead of oysters, he took his own life the week he found out he had a class action lawsuit on his desk! Really? You fix joints for a living, but you cannot see the forrest for the trees?

At least eight years of school,  hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, liability insurance through the roof, and suicide at the highest of most, if not all professions. I ask one again, why? Why on earth would one chose the typical medical path verses Natural Path Preventative types of medicine? Big pharma owns you, along with your bank paying back your school loans. You are sick care, not health care. You are over worked, bound by the system and stressed to the max from day one. Why? Bigger purpose? Want to make a difference? Save a life on your resume? Sure all noble, but a matter of life or death to you personal its coming to be. You want to be a doctor driven by a GOD like ego? Your call, 24/7 one at that!


Why? Make a difference? Purpose filled? Empowering verses entitling? Inspiring your life verses killing it? Yep! All of them. Why go prevention verses sick care, common sense I say? It’s totally a different goal, environment and purpose. You are not sleeping with any industry, or haunted by any lawyer. Proactive verses reactive, much different path, plan and perspective I say! Suicides? Ninety percent less than sick care.

I decide over twenty five years ago in a burn unit at christmas time, sick care was not for me. Protocol ruled and logic and reason smothered my spirit of empowering others. I learned real quick, no way the medical world driven by customers not cures was for me. Prevention filled my cup while sick care drained it. So I ask you again, why not try prevention verses drugs? It may be a matter of life or death for you?

You want a career in prevention, nutritional testing and oxidative stress and disease contact me ASAP!